Community Prayers

Shared Community Prayer Requests

Please pray for a very special family friend of a De Smet Jesuit family who is battling complications due to COVID-19. She has been on an ventilator for over 2 months now and her body is wearing out. Please also pray for her husband, 5 children and 3 grandchildren who are really struggling.

Please pray for a friend of a De Smet Jesuit family who has been battling pancreatic cancer for the past year and who has just entered hospice care.  We pray that God may take away her pain and give her rest.  

Becky Lane, mother of multiple Spartans, asks for prayers for her father, "once an energetic busy-body who never sat still, helped anyone in need, and never missed an event/competition of a granchild, who is dealing with the effects of Parkinson's which seem to have magnified under the restrictions and anxiety due to COVID."  Please pray that God keeps our vulnerable loved ones happy, healthy, and comfortable.

Please pray for the Schaeffer family (one sophomore, one graduate), that God will bring them comfort in a difficult time. 

Becky Lane, mother of several Spartans, asks that we pray for our Class of 2020, that as they attempt to negotiate college decisions amid restrictions due to COVID during their final year here at De Smet, they may relish the interactions, friendships, trials and tribulations with which they've been blessed during their years here. Please pray that the year unfolds to allow them to enjoy their senior year to its fullest extent possible while keeping them safe and healthy.

Jeff Pattison, parent of a DSJ junior, asks for our prayers for an end to abortion and the protection of all human life, young and old. 

Aimee Bergen, mother of a freshman, asks for the DSJ community's prayers for her friend Kate, who is battling cancer.  We pray that the new treatment addresses the newest issues and that she keeps her strong faith and belief.  May God bless her husband and children as they support her in this long battle. 

Please pray for our recent alums who are maneuvering college life during the pandemic. Pray for their peace of mind and how to balance safety with socialization. Lord, let them feel your love in isolation and remind them to be men for and with others. 

Please pray for the father of a faculty member who is recovering from neck surgery. 

Please pray for peaceful, fair elections this year in which all voices can be heard.  May all Americans unite in working together to more fully realize our nation's promise of "liberty and justice for all."  

Please pray for a senior who recently had a serious sports injury.  May he have a full recovery and continue to be able to contribute to his team!