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At De Smet Jesuit we offer instruction and guidance rooted in the Catholic, Jesuit tradition and provide opportunities for young men to explore their faith in ways that are personally impactful.

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Mass, Ministry & Prayer


De Smet Jesuit students mature spiritually, develop in their relationship with Jesus Christ, and experience God’s love in everyday life.

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Men For Others


Our service program is a critical component of our students' formation as faith-filled servant leaders. They complete projects with their entire class and individually. 

Service Programs

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3-Minute Theology Series

The last few weeks we’ve been hearing about our very unique calling from God so that we can experience his joy for our lives. We learned that discernment is the prayerful way to figure out what that calling is. But what does St. Ignatius have to say about discernment? Before his conversion, Ignatius had his own plans for his life, until he realized that God was calling him to something greater. He invited God into his life and into his decision making. St. Ignatius offers us the Suscipe, which is a prayer that offers up one’s desires in order to ask God to reveal his plans. We can invite God into our decision making, both the small everyday choices and the large impactful choices, with this prayer.

As we wrap up the school year and look to the future, watch the full video to reflect on how the Suscipe can help you to discern your vocation each and every day.

Explore the 3-Minute Theology video archive here.

  • President
Fr. Ronny O'Dwyer, S.J.

De Smet continues to be a place where our prayer, work, and study helps to bring about Jesus’ vision of the Kingdom. I envision De Smet as a training ground for a new generation of saints.

  • Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Class of 1989
Dr. Pete Musso

De Smet Jesuit High School allows us to learn about and practice our faith in community, whereby we come to know the person of Jesus Christ more authentically and come to no other conclusion than that we are loved unconditionally by God.

  • Business Teacher
Jim Saali

I encourage my students to realize and then share their God-given talents with everyone they encounter.

  • Learning Consultant
Linda Doherty

Our Catholic high school allows time for students to reflect and pray throughout the day. The time for prayer is important as these young men are developing coping skills and testing their own moral compasses.

  • Theology Teacher
Howie Place

I am hopeful we can continue being a tangible encounter of God for students of all walks of life, wherever they are on their faith journeys. I am proud of our inclusive witness to the presence of God around and among us all.

Campus Ministry

Jim Burshek

Jim Burshek

Titles: Director of Mission/Teacher, Campus Ministry
Phone Numbers:
School: (314) 785-1446
Kelsey Grimm

Kelsey Grimm

Titles: Director of Campus Ministry
Phone Numbers:
School: (314) 785-1444
Howie Place

Howie Place

Titles: Retreat Coordinator/Teacher/Ultimate Frisbee Coach
Phone Numbers:
School: (314) 785-1408
Henry Samson

Henry Samson

Titles: Teacher, Department Chair, Liturgy Coordinator
Phone Numbers:
School: (314) 785-1447