De Smet African American Parents Council

Our mission is to encourage, mentor, advocate for, and nurture students of color and their families.

In addition to networking and making new friends, members of the De Smet African-American Parents Council (DAAP) will host and promote cultural events and guest speakers in order to promote greater community understanding and respect for diverse views.



Catalina Martinez, Director of Diversity and Inclusion
  • To connect with other black families and find kinship and support.
  • To better support Black Student Union (BSU) initiatives.
  • To promote the participation of black families in De Smet Jesuit events.
  • To connect with new and prospective black families and address any concerns they may have.
Rosetta Lee, Diversity Speaker and Trainer

The primary goals of affinity groups are to offer a safe space to discuss experiences of identity, create group solidarity, build resilience, increase confidence and engagement, and provide empowerment toward action and leadership. Many schools and organizations are starting to see the importance of such spaces; De Smet Jesuit is one of them.

Rosetta Lee, Diversity Speaker and Trainer

The term affinity group is used as a bringing together of people who have an identifier in common (e.g., race, gender, religion, family status, etc). Affinity groups are for individuals who identify as members of the group and can speak to the experience of being a member of the group from the “I” perspective.

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Drae Cox

Drae Cox

Director of Diversity/Teacher/Wrestling Coach, Teacher, Head Wrestling Coach

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