Student Parking Permit Registration 2018-2019

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Parking on the De Smet Jesuit campus is a privilege and can be taken away if students violate this policy. At the start of school, permission to park on the De Smet Jesuit campus is limited to junior and senior students, faculty, staff and visitors only. Students must purchase a parking pass online. Information on how to register a car(s) online will be made available at the beginning of the school year. The registration cost for the school year 2018-19 will be $50.00. The parking fee will increase to $60.00 after September 1, 2018. The parking tag (one tag per space) is supplied by De Smet Jesuit. The tag is to be visible through the windshield of the parked car (hanging from the rear view mirror with the printed matter facing outward) at all times while on the parking lot or the vehicle is subject to fines and / or towing at the student’s expense. Permits can be moved from one family car to another or from one carpool vehicle to another, but all cars using a single permit must be registered when the permit is issued, when a new car is purchased, or when a new license plate is issued. If a student’s permit is lost or stolen, he is required to purchase another permit at full price.

The penalty for parking without a school-issued permit is $60.00. $50.00 of the $60.00 will go toward the purchase of a parking permit - if available. Parking violations will result in a $10.00 fine. Fines will double with each violation. Students that manufacture “false” tags, use one not issued by the school, display tags stolen from another vehicle, or possess a tag not issued to them will be fined and driving privileges may be suspended or revoked. Please remember, there are no warnings when it comes to parking fines. The first offense will result in a fine.

Parking spots are not reserved, but the school reserves the right to specify what parking can be used by seniors, certain students, teachers etc. De Smet Jesuit High School does not guarantee that a parking space will be available at all times for use by all students. The student assumes the risk of any loss or damage to the vehicle or personal property, including but not limited to damage caused by fire, theft, acts of any third parties or any other causes. Neither the student nor his parents shall hold De Smet Jesuit, its agents or employees liable for damages or injuries caused by a student or another student’s vehicle. If the student fails to comply with any of the terms and conditions of this policy, De Smet Jesuit has the right to take away all driving privileges without prior notice to the student.