Summer High School Credit Course Offerings

Summer course offerings cost $300 per class and are available to students entering grades 10-12. Registration for these classes is completed during the same time as regular course offerings, by using this separate online registration and payment process.

Online registration is due at the same time as the course registration sheets -- March 1, 2019.


Meets elective requirement (Science) | sophomore - senior | one-half credit

Instructor: Mr. Chris Williams

Dates & Times: TBA


This course is an elective designed to be offered in the summer to help students learn ACT college readiness skills using the content of ecology, conservation, and fish and wildlife management. Topics such as carrying capacity, food production, habitat structure, and population dynamics will be used to help students represent data and analyze research. Critical thinking and problem solving to identify and solve factors that limit populations will also be emphasized.


Meets Requirement (Social Studies) | sophomore - senior | one-half credit

Instructor: Mr. Bryan Traughber

Dates & Times: June 10-14, June 17-21 / 9:15 - !2:15


Modern European History focuses on the increasing importance of European affairs and their interactions with the rest of the world. The course will cover the transatlantic encounters, the Protestant and Catholic Reformations, the Scientific Revolution, Absolutism, the Enlightenment, the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, imperialism, the world wars, totalitarian systems, and the new global age.


Meets Requirement (Social Studies) | sophomore-senior | one-half credit

Instructor: Mr. Tom Sothers

Dates & Times: May 28th - June 27th

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursdays from 9:00 am - 12:30 pm


The American Experience: World War II is a one semester elective worth ½ unit credit offered through the Social Studies Department as a summer course. This course presents an in-depth, analysis of both the European theater and the Pacific theater of World War II primarily from an Allied perspective.


Meets requirement (PE) | Sophomore-Senior | one-half credit

Instructor: Mr. David Stewart

Dates & Times: Monday - Thursday, June 3rd - June 28th (40 hrs. Face to Face) Flexible

Monday, July 1st – 5th (12 hrs. Virtual Learning)

Monday, July 8th – Friday, July 12th (20 hrs. Field Trips) Flexible – Looking to move this to June so you won’t have any July classes

Time - 10:00 – 12:30

Description: PE 2 / Lifetime Activities is a one-semester summer course offered at De Smet Jesuit High School. It is designed to offer a higher level of ability and more instruction in a variety of individual and team activities. The curriculum provides various offerings to meet the individual needs of all students and to develop skill in a variety of activities.

Examples of activities which may be included, but not limited to, are volleyball, basketball, baseball, golf, walking, jogging, soccer, tennis, flag football, corn hole, frisbee golf, slow pitch softball.

THEOLOGY 5 (71423)

Meets requirement | junior | one-half credit

Instructor: Mr. John Hawkey

Dates & Times: will set up with students


The Theology 5 course aims to explore the development of the People of Christ, beginning with the disciples at Pentecost and tracking through the major events and changes which led to the Church as the living Body of Christ today in the 21st Century. Through an engagement with the councils, schisms, and global dynamics, which impacted the direction and make-up of the Church and its sacred nature, students will seek to understand the stance of today’s Church and explore Her relationship with the denominations, traditions, and other religions of the world.