For non-Catholic families

There are a number of students currently at De Smet Jesuit, plus many graduates, who are not Catholic. In some cases these students and their families came to our school for its attributes other than faith formation, including our top-tier academic program, co-curriculars such as athletics, the school’s rewarding service program, and an environment where students, teachers and staff take high school seriously. Additionally, others have added that they appreciated De Smet Jesuit because it simply allows students to pray at school.

All students take theology classes at De Smet Jesuit, and all students do service projects. In order to get the complete De Smet Jesuit experience, students are encouraged to also participate in our retreats, called Kairos. Kairos is not mandatory, but it is strongly encouraged. Students do not need to be Catholic to go on Kairos. While it is a retreat rooted in Catholic, Christian principles, there is much more to it than simply Catholic theology. Kairos give students a deeper understanding of themselves, their classmates, and the world for which they are being prepared.