MAAD Men Philosophy


(Mindset, Accountability, Action, Discipline) is an acronym for the specific character traits that Coach Steeples will focus on developing in each player on and off the field. It is imperative that we operate at this standard in everything we do as we pursue excellence. Growth under the MAAD Men system will squeeze every ounce of ability out of the individual as well as boost the team’s culture. When it comes to our culture, we must create an environment of success by what we do on and off the field. A MAAD Man is a trusted high character individual and a proven leader. A leader is not a level of power but rather a level of influence. We must influence one another to consistently perform to our MAAD Men standard. We will celebrate those who do! If yourself or someone else is operating below our standard, hold one another accountable and FIX IT or it will become who we are (our culture). Your coaches will be held to this same standard.  As a group, we will fully capitalize on this system if we all buy in. This will allow us to feed off of one another and reach our full potential. When that happens, everybody eats! Those who effectively uphold the MAAD Men standard on a consistent basis while holding others accountable will become the best version of themselves and become men that are prepared to thrive at the current level of competition and life thereafter. 


Our Mindset is our biggest asset. A MAAD Men mindset conditions you to be mentally tough enough to focus on the task at hand, regardless of surrounding circumstances or noise.


Have a relentless commitment to our team standard and influence teammates to do the same. Accountable men make things of personal value (Time/Body/Selfish desires) subordinate to something more important; the TEAM. When the team has the integrity to be accountable as a family, Everybody Eats!


No need for talk. Instead, put daily action behind your aspirations. Hard work is the ONLY talent we focus on. That level of action is how we earn it. (Proverbs 14:23)

Discipline = We are intentional in our preparation in order to be consistent in our execution. Consistency is the key to greatness on and off the field. Embrace the daily grind by dominating the day in everything you do.


A man is merely an adult. And an adult is an individual that is ready to lead. Build meaningful relationships so that you can be a more effective leader, as we work towards a common goal.

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