Athletic Code

In a special way, a student wearing a De Smet Jesuit uniform or a De Smet Jesuit letter represents the school and must conduct himself accordingly. The following rules have been drawn up to highlight the major responsibilities of the De Smet Jesuit athlete. They must be followed during the entire year, not just during a playing season.

  1. A team coach will be aware of the individual student’s academic and disciplinary record in school. Consistent or repeated problems in these areas may require suspension or dismissal from a sport.
  2. Each student must obtain a medical release from his family doctor at the beginning of his sport season. This release is sufficient for succeeding seasons in the same school year.
  3. Each student must be covered by insurance provided by the student’s parents. The school does not provide accident or medical insurance.
  4. A De Smet Jesuit athlete is expected to set a good example for other students and for his teammates on and off the field. Disrespect to teachers, competing coaches or players, or fellow students will not be tolerated.
  5. School absence: a student who has not attended school for at least one-half day may not participate in any athletic activity on that day, e.g., team meeting, practice, or game. The Athletic Director shall determine the “half-day” rule on any given day since some days have shortened schedule, etc.
  6. Any involvement, directly or indirectly, with alcohol, drugs or tobacco will result in suspension or dismissal from the team. Any repeated violation of this rule will result in automatic dismissal from the team besides any penalty imposed by the Assistant Principal.
  7. Curfew will be set by each coach in each sport. All athletes are expected to honor the curfew rule. Each coach may check on observance and will handle violations of this rule.
  8. Each athlete is responsible for the equipment issued him. He must pay for any equipment lost, stolen, or damaged through his negligence.
  9. Respect for one another’s equipment or property is essential. Anyone caught stealing or tampering with another’s property will be dismissed from the sport.
  10. The locker room and athletic facilities are not recreation areas. They are to be kept clean at all times. The cage area and medical room are off-limits unless permission to enter is given by the coach.
  11. If a student cannot attend a practice, he should notify the coach as early as possible, calling his home if necessary. Each student is expected to be on time for practice.
  12. Athletes must remove field shoes before entering the school building. All athletes must enter or leave the locker room area through the north gym stairwell. Athletic equipment may not be worn in the student lounge area.
  13. All weekday practices will end in time for students to shower and dress by 6:00 p.m. By school policy, there are no Sunday practices unless a game is scheduled on a Monday. Exceptions to this policy will be reviewed by the Athletic Director, Principal and other administrators for approval.
  14. Only one letter is awarded per year per level of participation no matter how many sports a student plays.
  15. Once a student has made a team, he has a commitment to fulfill and will not be allowed to quit that team to begin practice for another team until the sport he is presently playing has ended.
  16. Participants in all sports and their parents will have a preseason meeting which will explain the rules that will be enforced by the coach of that sport. The purpose of this practice is to make the player as well as his parents aware of all rules before the season begins.
  17. Athletes participating in any sport, MSHSAA sanctioned or Club, MUST be a student at De Smet Jesuit High School. This policy exists to take precedent over any league rules that exist. (The only exception is to allow 8th grade students to participate on the lowest level Club Developmental team if roster spots are not filled)