Beginning Instrumental music is offered to all freshmen. A student may learn to play a musical instrument without any previous experience. Instruments include all of the woodwind, brass and percussion instruments along with guitar, electric bass and acoustic bass.

Jazz gives you the ability to kind of completely express yourself on an instrument and be able to really play what you want to hear. Aidan Bartholet '21

By Audition

Instrumental Jazz Combo

This small group is open to members from all grade levels. Students are selected by audition. This group continues the study of small group playing, improvisation and soloing, and performance techniques. Musicians continue the study of music theory as it applies to class content. This group performs on all school concerts and at the annual Open House.

Honors Jazz Combo

This is the top jazz group made up of the most talented musicians. Students are selected by audition. This honors level class prepares the students for the further study of music in college. It includes a study of jazz history, harmony and music theory; learning the standard repertoire; and continued development of musicianship and jazz improvisation. This group performs on all school concerts as well as jazz festivals, school events and community events.

For Proficient Musicians

Concert Band

is made up of experienced woodwind, brass and percussion players from all four grade levels. This group performs school concerts, at school events, and participates in local band festivals. Members are also part of small groups which participate in the District and State Solo and Ensemble Festival. Students in this group are also eligible to audition for District Honors Band and the All-State Honors Band.

Jazz Lab Band

There are several jazz groups available to students. Jazz Lab Band is open to freshmen and sophomores with proficiency on a musical instrument. Besides the standard band instruments, this class is open to guitarists, bassists, pianist and drumset. The class concentrates on improving musicianship as it applies to playing in a group, becoming a soloist, learning songs for performance, and improving reading music. This group also studies music theory. This group performs at the Spring Jazz Concert.

students playing guitars, sax, trumpet, drums, and keyboard

Students study all forms of jazz as well as jazz improvisation, rock, and contemporary styles of music. Because it is a performing group, this class will participate at school concerts, Open House, jazz festivals, and in our community.

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