Alumni Class & Contact Updates

Did you move? Get a new job? recently married? Start a family? Have new contact information? Want to stay in the loop with De Smet Jesuit?

Whatever it is, we want to know!

To provide the school with any contact updates: please fill out the "Alumni Contact Updates" section below to update any portion of your contact information, and we'll be sure to put it into our Alumni Database.

If you have a life update that you'd like to share: please fill out the "Alumni Life Updates" section. This information may be shared in the next "Odyssey" Alumni newsmagazine.

If you'd like to receive alumni news through De Smet Jesuit: please fill out the "Subscribe to De Smet Jesuit Alumni E-Mails" form. 

For any questions, please contact Patrick Morris '06, Director of Alumni Engagement. 

Alumni Update Forms