Hall of Fame 2016

The 2016 Hall of Fame Members with former Hall of Fame Inductees

The 2016 Hall of Fame Nomination Period has concluded. All nominations submitted will be considered for the 2017 Class.

In order to nominate someone for the De Smet Jesuit High School Hall of Fame, he/she must meet the following:

1) Eligibility

Any member of the De Smet Jesuit community is eligible for nomination and induction into the Hall of Fame, including alumni, former faculty, former administration and staff, volunteers, major benefactors, community leaders, parents of alumni and parents of current students.

2) Criteria

The Hall of Fame will recognize individuals, living or deceased, for personal achievements and contributions, including but not limited to service to or support of De Smet Jesuit; major contributions to De Smet Jesuit through personal time and effort; demonstration of the highest principles of integrity and honesty in keeping with the philosophy of De Smet Jesuit, "Men for Others;" and bringing recognition and prominence to De Smet Jesuit and themselves through their professions, through academic or athletic accomplishments, community service or achievements in the arts and sciences.

3) Waiting Period

No alumnus shall be eligible to enter the Hall of Fame until (5) years from his graduation from De Smet Jesuit.

Nominations and/or questions pertaining to the De Smet Jesuit Hall of Fame may be directed to alumni@desmet.org.

Nomination Support Information

Tell us why you feel the nominee should be inducted into the De Smet Jesuit Hall of Fame. Please refer to the "Criteria (#2)" section above as a guideline in your support information, and use specific examples (including awards, records, honors, etc.) to support your position. The more thorough your support information is, the better chance your nominee will have to be inducted.

Support information that cannot be submitted electronically may be mailed to the De Smet Jesuit Hall of Fame, 233 N. New Ballas, St. Louis, MO 63141.

Hall of Fame Nomination Form

De Smet Jesuit Hall of Fame
Class of 2016 Inductees:

Rev. Wally Sidney, S.J.

Mr. Bill Mueller '89

Mr. John Wilson '75

Current Members

  • Hon. Henry Autrey '71
  • Rich Grawer
  • Fr. Rich Bailey, SJ
  • Jim Goessling '73
  • Fr. Tom McQueeny, SJ
  • Frank Finnegan
  • Fr. G. Jacobsmeyer, SJ
  • John Schaefer '75
  • Dr. Greg Densberger
  • Bill R. Mueller '89
  • Fr. John Arnold, SJ
  • Fr. Woody Boian, SJ
  • Tim Walsh '72
  • Steve Burr
  • Frank Cusumano '80
  • Bob Mills '72
  • Ed Nestor '75
  • Steve Stipanovich '79
  • Bob Christian
  • Chris Mess
  • John Faust
  • Felicie Van de Riet
  • Mike Sennett
  • George Hasser
  • Bob Frederic '80
  • John O’Leary '95
  • Mike Sawicki '71
  • Dave Welborn '80
  • Ed Berns
  • Dr. Mike Faddis '71
  • Greg Pohlman '78
  • Dr. Craig Aubuchon '72
  • Jim Kennedy '73
  • Tim Barrett '76
  • Tom Suntrup '77
  • Greg Vitello