Tuition & Scholarships

We believe cost should not prevent deserving young men from receiving an exceptional education at De Smet Jesuit High School.

At De Smet Jesuit, we recognize the significant financial commitment made by our families. We also understand that each family has unique circumstances and abilities to pay tuition. To care for each student, we offer our Family Tuition Assistance program, academic scholarships, and named scholarships from our generous benefactors. We are here to help.


Tuition $20,895
Tablet & Fees $690
TOTAL $21,585

Grade level fees for class retreats and activities are $125 for freshmen, $150 for sophomores, $150 for juniors, $350 for seniors.

Tuition rates apply to 2024-2025 school year.

Concerned about tuition costs?

Our goal is to make a Jesuit education possible for every qualified candidate. More than 75% of our newest class of Spartans have received a scholarship based on academics or character, or tuition assistance through FACTs. 

Interested in learning more?

Complete the De Smet Jesuit online application and contact us to discuss our family tuition options.

We acknowledge the sacrifices families make when they invest in private school.

We take our stewardship seriously and encourage families to apply for tuition assistance and our scholarships. Please note: Tuition may be subject to change and does not include cost of books, lunch, or PE uniforms. Tuition for future academic years is released each spring. 

$3.4 Million Awarded in Scholarships & Assistance for 2023-2024

Family Tuition Assistance, FACTS Application OPEN September 5, 2023

As the needs of our families have changed over time, so has our model in helping families and students from diverse financial backgrounds.

When you wish to proceed with determining the level of assistance your family may qualify for, please be sure to submit your completed application to FACTS Management before the January 15, 2024, deadline.

All student’s tuition assistance awards are fulfilled by the student’s participation in the student scholarship hours program.

FACTS Management
Online Application

  • Need-based work study program
  • Deadline for new students: January 15, 2023
  • Deadline for returning students: February 15, 2023

Where Tuition Assistance Comes From

Through the support of the Spartan Fund, De Smet Jesuit strives to make Jesuit education affordable to any young man regardless of his family's socio-economic background. Multiple events raise money throughout the year including our annual auction, the Tradition golf tournament, and the parent annual giving campaign.

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