Tuition & Scholarships

We believe cost should not prevent deserving young men from receiving an exceptional education at De Smet Jesuit High School.

At De Smet Jesuit, we recognize the significant financial commitment made by our families. We also understand that each family has unique circumstances and abilities to pay tuition. To care for each student, we offer our Family Tuition Assistance program, academic scholarships, and named scholarships from our generous benefactors. We are here to help.

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Tuition $18,950
Tablet & Fees $710

Grade level fees for class retreats and activities are $125 for freshmen, $150 for sophomores, $150 for juniors, $350 for seniors.

Tuition rates apply to 2022-2023 school year. New rates for following school year will be announced in January 2023.

$3 Million Awarded in Scholarships & Assistance in 2021-2022

Scholarship Checklist

For scholarship application to be complete, candidates need to:

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Apply to De Smet Jesuit 

complete scholarship form

Sumbit FACTs apP*
*for select scholarships only

Important Dates

  • Need to know early? Early bird deadline: October 1
    Scholarships awarded by October 14 for applicants with all materials submitted by October 1.

  • Second round deadline: November 14
    Scholarships awarded by December 1 for applicants with all materials submitted by November 14.


  • Applicants only need to submit one scholarship application to be considered for all qualifying awards.

  • Screenshots of latest transcripts and test scores should be uploaded with the online scholarship application form.

  • Scholarship awards are contingent on choosing De Smet Jesuit as #1 on archdiocesan application.


Our Tuition Assistance Index provides a flexible tuition model designed to make Jesuit education more affordable for your family.

Need-based tuition assistance requires students to work scholarship hours.

  • 98%
  • graduates

go on to college or military academies

  • $25.9
  • million

Total value of scholarships awarded to Class of 2022

  • >90%
  • Teachers also

serve as coaches, club moderators, trip coordinators

  • 5.7
  • point growth

Spartans improve ACT scores more than 2 times the national average.

Learn More {Infographic}

  • 130+
  • College credit hours offered

in 7 out of 8 departments. View our Curriculum Guide.

  • 150
  • Hours

served (minimum) by each graduate

  • $18,950
  • tuition

Assistance and scholarships available. Learn More

  • 25
  • average ACT score

5 points higher than the Missouri average


Worth the Investiment

  • Parent
Emily, Mom to 3 Spartans, Classes of 2019 & 2022

We talk about our kids, who they are and who they’re becoming, and realize that our investment into them is paying off.

Meet Our Admissions Team

Ryan Hodge

Ryan Hodge

Class of 2002
Director of Admissions and Strategic Marketing
BS, Biological Science, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Maria Lang

Maria Lang

Assistant Director of Admissions
BA, Education, University of Missouri - St. Louis
BA, Spanish, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Lisa Mosquera

Lisa Mosquera

Admissions Counselor
BS, Paralegal, Minnesota State University
Brenda Reinsfelder

Brenda Reinsfelder

Financial Services Coordinator
BA, Accounting, Lindenwood University

We acknowledge the sacrifices families make when they invest in private school. We take our stewardship seriously and encourage families to apply for tuition assistance and our scholarships. Please note: Tuition may be subject to change and does not include cost of books, lunch, or PE uniforms. Tuition for future academic years is released each spring.