Q&A With a Transfer Student (Junior)

Q&A With a Transfer Student (Junior)

DSJ: Why did you transfer to De Smet Jesuit?

Student: During my visit the faculty and students went out of their way to make sure I felt welcomed and that I had the chance to learn about the De Smet community. I eventually chose De Smet because of the expansive support I felt I would receive compared to other schools.

DSJ: What was the transition like? How did the teachers/students welcome you?

Student: Almost every teacher sat down with me and made sure I was settling into De Smet and the specific class easily. Every student in my classes interacted with me on my first day and really seemed interested in getting to know me.

DSJ: What advice would you give to a student unsatisfied with his current high school?

Student: I would say if it is possible to try and find the best place for yourself. High school is an important time to learn and grow and being at the best fit makes the experience all that much better.

DSJ: How hard or easy was it for you to join clubs/sports/groups/make new friends?

Student: Right off the bat the whole entire football program was super inclusive making sure I got to build chemistry with the team as quick as possible. Even without playing a team sport from the beginning, it isn’t an issue in terms of creating relationships; students try to make you feel at home from the first day.

DSJ: How would you describe the community at De Smet Jesuit?

Student: Everyone cares about every individual event, whether it’s sports or theatre or scholar bowl. Each person’s background does not make a difference at De Smet.

DSJ: What makes De Smet Jesuit different?

Student: I’ve noticed De Smet has a stronger staff-to-student bond than any school I’ve been to before, and I think that builds a community that is not just based on students.

DSJ: In your words, what are the benefits of an all-boy high school?

Student: I think it allows students to be themselves and not to worry about others, as well as it encourages a friendlier learning environment.

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