Top 5 Reasons Students Transfer to De Smet Jesuit

Students and families who transfer to De Smet Jesuit tell us they were searching for…

  1. That missing something
  2. A thriving school culture
  3. Brotherhood and camaraderie
  4. A safe and caring environment
  5. Teachers who know them as more than just a number

And a few extra bonuses that we hear families want (and find here!) for their sons...

  1. An education free from so many distractions and an all male environment
  2. A college prep and challenging academic environment
  3. Shared values in faith, academics, recreation, and family
  4. An atmosphere of community and service
  5. A stronger conference for athletic competition
  6. A school that feels like home

If you are looking for a high school experience that offers these things and more, contact our Admissions Team to visit our school or just ask some questions. 

Transferring to a New High School


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Maria Lang

Assistant Director of Admissions
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Timothy Sullivan

Admissions Director
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Chris Williams

Assistant Principal for Academics
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Kevin Poelker