Shadow A Spartan

Your journey begins now.

7th Graders
Students in grade 7 are invited to spend a morning with us to learn what a De Smet Jesuit education can do. Choose from one of our specialized days (details below) to see which day might best fit your son. Sign up with online registration below.

All shadow visits last from 9 a.m.-12:45 and include:

  • - a customized session designed for your son and fellow shadows.
  • - an in-class experience with a current student as a guide. 
  • - a complimentary lunch, prepared by our very own Chef Scott '88.

8th Graders
Students in grade 8 are also welcome to shadow a Spartan. Please contact Maria Lang for a custom shadow experience.

Choose Your Own Shadow Adventure!

students work on sculptures in art studio with laptops open

Let your son discover his creative side and join us for a morning with Emily Ledbetter, artist and teacher. Learn about our studio art classes and see firsthand how De Smet Jesuit does art.

Video Gaming Approach to English by Mr. Dressler

Does your son enjoy creative writing or video games? See how Mr. Dressler ’02, fuses the two in his dynamic approach to teaching English. Check out Mr. Dressler’s innovative classroom furniture and let your son decide if his daily jokes are funny or not.

Mr. Berns with hands demonstrating to student in room with smart board and computer monitors

Is your son into digital media or all things tech? Join us for the day and meet Mr. Berns, an '87 alumnus and our resident reporter expert. Mr. Berns spent 10 years in the field as a broadcaster in Texas before joining our faculty. His real world experience keeps our digital media and yearbook classes fresh.

STEM Focus With Mr. Jenkins

Anyone up for some robotics, 3D printing, physics, or engineering? Meet Mr. Jenkins, our newest faculty member and a 2013 graduate who recently returned to Spartan Country. Find out how De Smet Jesuit approaches STEM in 2020 and meets the challenge of teaching complex topics to our students.

Mr. Reyes smiles as he works with students in biology lab, student smiling looking at group

Is your son tired of sitting still? Perhaps he'd enjoy the high energy class taught by math and science teacher and soccer coach Mr. Reyes, Class of 1994. Find out what biology looks like at De Smet Jesuit where we know how boys learn.

Hands-on Science With Mr. Walsh

Does your son enjoy science and hands-on activities? Enter Mr. Walsh's lab...where things might bubble over. Choose this day to meet our veteran teacher and 1976 graduate, Mr. Walsh, and see how De Smet Jesuit does science.

Lawyer Turned Acting Teacher Mr. Welling

Whether shy or ready for center stage, students of all personality types connect with our engaging and intuitive lawyer turned teacher, Mr. Welling. Is your son interested in English, acting, or improv? Come check out the high energy environment and find out what De Smet Jesuit has to offer.  

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