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Grade for 2023-2024 school year

  • Grade 11 = Class of 2025

  • Grade 10 = Class of 2026
  • Grade 9 = Class of 2027
  • Grade 8 = Class of 2028
  • Grade 7 = Class of 2029
  • Grade 6 = Class of 2030
  • Grade 5 = Class of 2031
  • Grade 4 = Class of 2032
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Our Mission

De Smet Jesuit inspires and prepares men for and with others to transform the world ad majorem Dei gloriam (for the greater glory of God).

  • Class of 2022
Brady Schmidt

Why De Smet? It was just a feeling I got when I shadowed. Everyone seemed to enjoy the guys who were around, and the teachers seemed to make class interesting and got students to participate.

  • Director of Special Events
Becky Lane

As a parent of five Spartans, I cannot speak highly enough of De Smet Jesuit and the formation of young men. Our sons each had unique experiences that could have only taken place in a community such as De Smet Jesuit, where each young man is encouraged. 

  • Class of 2025
Justin Terry

I knew that I belonged at De Smet when I shadowed and saw the tight brotherhood and community that was present here.

  • Parent
Doug W., Dad to Spartans '22 & '23

Our two boys are extremely opposite in their education, in their athletics, in their activities, and in their styles of learning.

We really found that De Smet Jesuit is a home that fits for both of them.

  • Parent
Rich LaBonté

My wife and I both attended public school, and so did our son Graham through 8th grade. For high school, he was looking for rigorous academics, sports, and a community that prioritized service over self, with teachers who were involved and caring. We found all of that and more at De Smet. Graham is engaged at school, excited about his classes, loves playing lacrosse, and is developing into the leader we always knew he would become.

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Ryan Hodge

Ryan Hodge

Titles: Director of Admissions and Strategic Marketing
Joey Hormberg

Joey Hormberg

Titles: Admissions Counselor
Lisa Mosquera

Lisa Mosquera

Titles: Assistant Director of Admissions
Nicole Talley

Nicole Talley

Titles: Financial Services Coordinator
De Smet Jesuit is an all boys Catholic, Jesuit high school in St. Louis specializing in forming men for others.