For Non-Catholic Families

De Smet Jesuit is a welcoming community where students quickly fit in and find their place – whether they come from a Catholic grade school, another religious school, or a public school.

There are a number of students currently at De Smet Jesuit, plus many graduates, who are not Catholic. In some cases these students and their families came to our school for its attributes other than faith formation, including our top-tier academic program, co-curriculars such as athletics, the school’s rewarding service program, and an environment where students, teachers and staff take high school seriously. Additionally, others have said they appreciated De Smet Jesuit simply because students are allowed to pray at school.

Our new students quickly make friends a number of different ways: Odyssey Week, a week-long event for freshmen that promotes teamwork with an emphasis on fun; our Companeros program, under which freshmen are paired with a member of the senior class who can show them the ropes; plus more than 50 student-run clubs and 53 sports teams.

The admissions process (application forms and deadline; access to the applicants’ grade school records, etc.) is slightly different for applicants coming from a non-Catholic school. For specific details please contact our Admissions Office at 314-567-3500, ext. 1227.