According to Our Teachers: Why A Private Education Benefits Students

A sense of calling for teachers, intentional community with heart, connection to 500 years of Jesuit tradition, and individual care...just a few of the characteristics our students find at De Smet Jesuit.

Because De Smet Jesuit is a faith-based community, many of us see our work as a calling, rather than just a job. Our leadership strives to develop spiritual gifts within our faculty and staff. We in turn take what is given to us to pour into our students. Being able to share my faith with our students gives me energy and purpose. My desire to see our students grow into “men for others” goes well beyond their academic performance and helps me genuinely care for each student as an individual.Maria Lang, Assistant Director of Admissions


We have a shared mission and vision stemming from the Catholic values and Jesuit charism we all choose to take part in. The brotherhood amongst the students, the collaboration amongst the faculty, and the support of our parent-alumni network are all rooted in the belief and buy-in of an intentional community – we are here to develop men for and with others for the greater glory of God. The educational result is different because the heart of our community is different.Howard M. Place Jr., Theology Department Chair | Ultimate Frisbee Coach


The De Smet Jesuit High School student comes to high school eager to learn, graduate, and attend college. After all, we are college prep.  What he gets, too though, is a bone-chilling happy surprise. He gets to be part of a 500-year-old tradition of Jesuit education. He gets to be a small part of a greater good. He gets to learn about a world view that encourages students to see God in all things, to approach school every day with a deep sense of gratitude – realizing that God has gifted each person with talents, to be used to create the Kingdom on earth. He gets to pray and interact in a community that encourages him to know Jesus as living among us – and to better understand God loves each of us unconditionally. He is challenged to move out of his comfort zone and try new things, he is pushed to achieve academically, grow religiously, and be loving. Finally, hopefully he understands how his education can propel him to just action in the broader world. Pete Musso, Ed.D. '89, Assistant Principal | Curriculum & Instruction


What makes the De Smet Jesuit educational experience distinct is how the school brings out the best in each individual. Not only are the students academically prepared for college, but they are provided with a faith-filled foundation that will serve them—and others—for life. Patrick Morris '06, Annual Giving & Alumni Relations


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Affording Private Education: How and Why

Comparing the Cost of 3-hour College Credit

Many De Smet Jesuit students graduate with college credit earned in courses taken while in high school for a fraction of the cost. This infographic compares the cost of a three-hour college credit class.


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