Additional Resources

"A Virtual Church"
Greg Kandra's article explores the Catholic world of blogging and challenges readers to consider how a Christian might better use the internet.

"The Best Catholic Apps"

This article highlights some of the most interesting applications for faith development on the web today

The Jesuit Who "Invented' Hypertext

This is a short piece that tells the story of Fr. Roberto Busa, S.J. and how he his research on St. Thomas led him to invent the hypertext.

Reflections on Pope Benedict's 2012 World Communication Day Message: "Silence and Word: The Path of Evangelization"
This article outlines the Holy Father's message to young people about the joys and perils of communication technology in today's culture.

Unplug Your Kids

In this reflection, Fr. Thomas Massaro, S.J. considers findings from a Kaiser Family Foundation report on media consumption and young people.

"The Impact of One Cell Phone on a Village"

In this TED presentation, Iqbal Quadir explains the impact of technology of the poor and marginalized in our global village.