Student Support

Caring for each individual student is at the heart of what we do.

Teenage boys are under a lot of pressure. We want high school to be a safe place for every student. Our campus is known for being a welcoming home away from home where students feel like they belong. Our compassionate and professional counseling staff guides our young men as they navigate these four years.


Personal & Academic Counseling

The Personal and Academic Counseling program at De Smet Jesuit is a safe space for students to reach out for assistance and guidance. Support is provided for any student who may find that he’s struggling. Counselors are there to help with any conflicts the student may be experiencing whether it be at school, home, in the community, or in the classroom. It is recognized that each student is unique and comes to De Smet Jesuit with his own set of experiences. Personal Counseling allows the student the opportunity to express himself, in a confidential setting, that he can use to reflect and further explore who he is and how to become the man he strives to be. The personal aspect focuses on individual growth, development and self-satisfaction. Community resources can be provided if necessary. 

Academically, counselors help De Smet Jesuit students to reach their academic potential. With assistance from their counselors, the student’s individual strengths are celebrated, while challenge areas are identified and addressed. De Smet Jesuit provides in-house resources for those who need additional assistance from Learning Consultants or tutors. Counselors empower and guide a student to learn self-advocacy and to take pride in his abilities. Every effort will be made to meet the needs of each student and foster in him the importance of education.

Three Personal and Academic Counselors are available to students and their families. We encourage you to reach out with any questions or concerns. 

Learning Center

De Smet Jesuit has two learning consultants in the Learning Center who work with students, families, and teachers to ensure each student with documented educational needs is receiving all the benefits of the De Smet Jesuit high school experience.

The Learning Consultant Department is available to provide services for students who have been diagnosed with an educational disability through consultations with their teachers. Our consultants collaborate with St. Louis Special School District to create individualized services plans for the diagnosed students, and work with teachers to ensure the documented accommodations are being provided. Accommodations may be extended time for a test, preferential seating in the classroom or an alternative test setting to name a few. Many of these accommodations are already built in at De Smet Jesuit, for example, using multisensory in teaching.

Counseling Department

Dave Boland

Dave Boland

College Advisor
ME, Education, University of Missouri-St. Louis
BA, Philosophy, Cardinal Glennon College Seminary
Linda Doherty

Linda Doherty

Learning Consultant
MA, Educational Leadership, Maryville University
BA, Special Education, University of Missouri-Columbia
Certification - Reading Specialist
Sarah Patton

Sarah Patton

Learning Consultant
MA, Education, Fontbonne University
BS, Communication Science & Disorders, St. Louis University
Minor, Elementary Education, St. Louis University
Liz Snopek-Vegovisch

Liz Snopek-Vegovisch

Personal and Academic Counselor
MA, Social Work-Clinical, University of Missouri-Columbia
MA, School and Guidance Counseling K-12, Lindenwood University
BS, Mass Communication, Southeast Missouri State University