Innovation Center

We know the future work environment for our current students will demand men who can collaborate with others, incorporate technology, and adapt to an ever-changing landscape. Our Innovation Center gives them room to learn those skills today.

This multi-functional, high-tech learning facility enables students to engage with peers, collaborate on small group projects, and develop their skills as young entrepreneurs.

Giving Boys Space

Our new 6,335 sq. ft. Innovation Center opened in January 2018 and gives our students opportunities to discover their talents and gifts in a state-of-the-art learning atmosphere. For 50 years the space served as the school’s library, and today retains many of the same assets: fiction and non-fiction books, research materials and periodicals.

“The new Innovation Center invites deeper leaning experiences, while broadening the reach of curriculum," says Principal Kevin Poelker. "It’s a place where teachers of every subject can use project-based learning, which makes learning more interactive and fun for the students.”





Pop-up maker spaces complement our dedicated maker spaces, such as the robotics lab.

Café-style tables and chairs and four-place island seating arrangements allow students to work independently or collaboratively.

Moveable partitions and whiteboards create mini classrooms in an instant.

The Pohlman Center is a traditional classroom within the Center, giving teachers a home base for launching and reconvening break-out sessions.

Four enclosed rooms with wall-sized whiteboards, nicknamed “caves,” give students private collaboration spaces.

Other uses include space for virtual reality, classes with guest speakers, club meetings, and outside professional partnerships.

Professional Partners in Innovation

To serve as an entrepreneurial partner with De Smet Jesuit in the Innovation Center, please contact Principal Kevin Poelker.

students lounge on modular furniture looking at papers and laptops


Virtual Tour

Take a tour by clicking on the grey arrows at the bottom of the photo. Move the cursor in the photo to look around. Toggle the Layout area to see a floor plan of the entire space.