Ignatian Global Scholars Certificate Program


To earn an Ignatian Global Scholars Certificate from the Jesuit Schools Network, students at De Smet Jesuit High School should successfully complete requirements from the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm categories:

  1. Context (all required)
    • Curriculum
    • Language study
    • Global events
  2. Experience (choose one)
    • Intercultural experience
    • Extracurricular involvement
  3. Reflection
  4. Action (choose one)
    • Service
    • Project
  5. Review



forming global citizens through interconnected learning experiences

...in the classroom and beyond.

Program Details

four students stand in front of statues and fountain
six students with arms around each other in front of white church
student stirs egg in middle of circle of flour while others watch, all wear aprons
students wear sunglasses and lean on railing with church steeple in background, blue sky
group of students and teachers standing in front of De Smet Jesuit bus on way to Wyoming
group of students and adults waving hands happily in air in Italian market
group of students and adults standing in Italian plaza with domed building and obelisk in background
five students with arms around each other in front of building with columns
three students with hats on standing in front of green peak of Machu Picchu in Peru
cross in field of crosses in Normandy France honoring a comrade in arms unknown but to God
students standing in circle on field of grass playing game
14 students and teachers sit and stand on boulders
seven students with arms around each other, Irish exchange students with host students from De Smet Jesuit
students sitting with bowed heads on wooden pews in outdoor chapel with priest in black robes
seven students and two teachers sitting on curb in front of San Jose gate
seven students standing in front of Manresa sign
one student wearing blue De Smet Jesuit soccer sweatshirt standing near statues and sign that says Bienvenidos a Machupicchu
seven people standing with arms around each other in front of lourve pyramid
Man from Taiwan showing students board with circular chips
six adults sitting on stone wall in front of city backdrop in Toledo Spain
four students with backpacks on green field near pine trees  in front of scenic mountain and lake
David Cabrera

David Cabrera

Teacher/Director of Global Education/Tennis Coach
Pete Musso

Pete Musso

Asst. Principal for Curriculum & Instruction



students work with paint in Belize


students work on pottery in hut in Belize