Global Education

The world is our house.

In the late 1500s, Jerome Nadal S. J. expressed this, and today, we share the same vision and mission as the founding Jesuits before us. 


We had the pleasure of hosting Danny, a foreign exchange student from Taiwan, for approximately one month.  It was a wonderful experience as we shared the traditions and customs of America as well as learning about those of Taiwan.  We celebrate diversity, especially exposure to different cultures, and sincerely hope that Danny left our country with fond memories because the time we spent with him positively impacted our family. The Mosquera Family


group stands in front of Colosseum

Cultural Engagement


Global Citizens


Forming Global Citizens

St. Louis Mosaic Project Ambassador School

De Smet Jesuit is a St. Louis Mosaic Project Ambassador School, committed to investing in global citizenship education and partnering with the International Institute and other community groups so that together we can continue to recognize, celebrate, and embrace diversity within our school and in the broader international community of St. Louis.

With our Vatican visit I came to understand religion was a course for change in society values. John Higgins ‘18, Italy