Learning Center


DeSmet Jesuit has two learning consultants in the Learning Center, Mrs. Linda Doherty and Mrs. Barbara Kersting, who work with students, families and teachers to ensure each student with documented educational needs is receiving all the benefits of the DeSmet Jesuit high school experience.

The Learning Consultant Department is available to provide services for students who have been diagnosed with an educational disability through consultations with their teachers. Mrs. Doherty and Mrs. Kersting collaborate with St. Louis Special School District to create individualized services plans for the diagnosed students, and work with teachers to ensure the documented accommodations are being provided. Accommodations may be extended time for a test, preferential seating in the classroom or an alternative test setting to name a few. Many of these accommodations are already built in at DeSmet Jesuit, for example, using multisensory in teaching.

As Learning Consultants, we have a dual focus. First, the content of the students’ learning needs and means to address them and secondly, the relationship and communication between us and the teachers with whom we consult. We are continually working towards success facilitated by our department. Success for students with learning needs and success for the students’ teachers.

We want to foster a professional collaboration by providing classroom teachers with the information and support needed to effectively teach students with learning needs in the general education setting.


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