Global Education

The world is our house.

In the late 1500s, Jerome Nadal S. J. expressed this, and today, we share the same vision and mission as the founding Jesuits before us. 

map of world with country labels of where De Smet Jesuit has global ed experiences

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"We had the pleasure of hosting Danny, a foreign exchange student from Taiwan, for approximately one month.  It was a wonderful experience as we shared the traditions and customs of America as well as learning about those of Taiwan.  We celebrate diversity, especially exposure to different cultures, and sincerely hope that Danny left our country with fond memories because the time we spent with him positively impacted our family."  

- The Mosquera Family

“I think I genuinely felt all emotions on this trip as I met my Peruvian family, went to a Peruvian Jesuit School, and got to know the land. I felt solidarity after seeing a lot need around both countries.”
—Teddy Delker ‘19, Peru

“We experienced how Jesuit education is done in Puerto Rico. The students in Puerto Rico take most of the same classes that we take here, but just in a different language. I could really see that there was indeed a lot of similarities in the way that they learned material in school. To me this seems like a huge connection that truly makes us brothers.”
—Andrew Ficken ‘18, Puerto Rico

“With our Vatican visit I came to understand religion was a course for change in society values.”
—John Higgins ‘18, Italy

“People of Taiwan, their language and their everyday culture greatens the understanding I have for respect.”
John Doyle ‘18, Taiwan

“Our group had effectively traced Ignatius’s steps back to the very beginning of the Jesuits. What’s even crazier than this is we really went to the place where De Smet began as well. The sword being laid down, the spiritual exercises, and the first Jesuits leaving for Rome are all the major events that led to the foundation of a school in Creve Coeur dedicated to helping young men get ready for the real world.”
—Alex Bentele ‘20, Spain, France

“My father’s ancestors immigrated from Ireland to the US, and his side of the family loves their Irish heritage. Paul and his life stories from Letterkenny, Ireland allowed me to deeper understand my father, and deeply appreciate my own view of home as I represented it while Paul was here.”
—Sean Dolan ‘18, Host to Irish exchange student

Our Students Explore the World


boy in fur hat in front of mountain in Peru

Peru Exchange Trip
February and June 2019

Taiwanese Exchange
February 2019

Ireland Exchange
March and April 2019

Cultural Engagement

group in front of Colosseum in Italy

Spain, France, and pilgrimage Ignatian sites
Summer 2020

March 2019


Man climbing on gate work on tree in Nicaragua

Puerto Rico
January 2019

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Our Students as Global Citizens

six boys in pyramid in front of glass pyramid at the Louvre in Paris, France

De Smet Jesuit offers several opportunities for high school students to reap the benefits of studying abroad and hosting foreign exchange students with its growing global education program.

Global Education Certificate