Fine Arts

The Fine Arts programs at De Smet Jesuit High School are designed to provide opportunities for students to broaden their intellectual diversity through artistic self-expression and aesthetic exploration. The Fine Arts faculty collaborates with students to help foster a spirit of openness, curiosity and playfulness through a variety of classes and media. Whether learning how to play an instrument or sing, to sculpt, paint produce, or draw, through acting, movement or film, De Smet students can begin to acquire the skill, methodologies, and the conceptual parameters to produce their own art, film and music. They also are encouraged to consider the process of making art as important as the resulting product, gaining a capacity to try new things involving some risk.

Whether students have a serious interest in the arts, or if they have just a casual curiosity, they will find our course offerings both challenging and stimulating. Each of the Fine Arts areas offers a student the opportunity to progressively develop his skills to be prepared for college and to form the basis for lifelong learning.