The Theology Department teaches the Good News of Jesus Christ as it relates to the world. As students develop intellectually and spiritually, through systematic and rational instruction, they come to a greater understanding of the vision of Christ as taught by St. Ignatius Loyola. This vision enables students to realize their giftedness and their call, as sacramental persons, to use their talents in service to building the Kingdom of God.

The following domains comprise the essential elements of the Deposit of Faith and the charism of the Society of Jesus. Each domain is followed by a goal statement which expresses what Catholic Christian knowledge, skills and values all DeSmet graduates should possess.

Triune God

Students will appreciate the mystery of the Triune God and the movement of the Trinity in their lives; they will demonstrate the importance of a personal relationship with God in their lives and in the life of the community.


Students will express a basic understanding of the Catholic Church’s teaching of Jesus as Savior and model for Christian living.


Students will understand how the Church as Body of Christ carries out Jesus’ Gospel today in community, worship, and service; the structure and mission of the Church in the world; the role of Mary and the saints; and key developments in the history of the Church.

Prayer and Ritual

Students will understand the worship of the faith community, the variety of prayer forms that enrich and express personal and communal spirituality, and the habit of reflection inspired by The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.


Students will appreciate the sacramental life of the Church, recognizing the Eucharist as the source and summit of Christian life; they will express an understanding of the nature, importance, and ritual of the seven Sacraments.


Students will demonstrate knowledge of Sacred Scriptures as the inspired Word of God revealing God’s plan for salvation, and will read, contextually interpret, and apply Scripture to their lives.


Students will demonstrate understanding of authentic Catholic teachings as promulgated by the Magisterium of the Church.


Students will understand Catholic morality in order to make decisions consistent with these teachings.

Bringing Forth the Kingdom of God

Students will exercise responsible stewardship for the gift of creation, share themselves in service to the community in response to the Gospel call, and evaluate societal structures in light of Catholic social justice principles.


Students will exhibit a welcoming and accepting attitude toward all persons encountered in the broader community while being open to witness their Catholic identity.

Ignatian Tradition

Students will incorporate the theological and spiritual teachings of St. Ignatius of Loyola into their Christian worldview and apply the principles of the JSEA’s Profile of the Graduate of a Jesuit High School at Graduation in their own lives.