Social Studies

In the Jesuit tradition, the faculty of the Social Studies Department focuses on developing students who are reflective and lifelong learners. The goal of the Social Studies’ curriculum is to present a course of study that assists students to appreciate a unique national history and acquire information that will enable them to assess historic, geographic, and political changes concerning our nation and the world. A priority of the Social Studies’ curriculum is to encourage students to be intellectually competent, open to growth, religious, loving, developing as a leader and committed to doing justice in service for others.

Social Studies courses at De Smet Jesuit High School provide:

  • an opportunity for students to understand themselves and to appreciate cultural differences in others.
  • balance and fulfill a need for a human context as students learn about America’s place in contemporary society.

Through Social Studies, De Smet students will have the opportunity to:

  • mature intellectually.
  • think critically.
  • appreciate complexity.
  • examine cause-effect relationships.

Social Studies prepares De Smet students for college by:

  • giving students a basic introduction to world history, European history, American history, psychology, economics, international studies.
  • encouraging students to examine all sides of critical issues before forming judgments.
  • developing writing skills that enable students to express themselves through the written word with confidence.