The primary goal of the Science Department of Desmet Jesuit High School is to support the school’s mission statement of building a challenging, academic environment built on Ignation values.

The DeSmet science student:

  • Understands and is able to apply scientific principles
  • Has the ability to collect, organize and present scientific data
  • Demonstrates critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Uses technology as a scientific tool
  • Has an awareness of contemporary scientific issues as they relate to our moral and Catholic beliefs

The De Smet Science Department believes the student should have an understanding and appreciation for the physical and natural laws that function in our universe. Understanding these concepts will assist each student in their realization of De Smet’s Graduate-at-Graduation goals.

Students will be able to:

  • Understand & apply scientific principles
  • Collect, organize, analyze, interpret and present scientific data
  • Design and conduct scientific investigations
  • Demonstrate scientific skills including associated technologies
  • Solve problems (Identify and organize what is known and not known in a problem; Identify assumptions)
  • Write lab reports
  • See science in our everyday experiences
  • Unify concepts and processes across scientific disciplines
  • Identify current social topics related to science
  • Understand the dynamic nature of scientific theories
  • Appreciate how we know what we know
  • Understand and apply the scientific method
  • Work collaboratively on experiments and activities