Foreign Language

The Department of World Languages is committed to the teaching of modern and classical languages, literatures, and cultures. The study of world languages provides students with the tools to communicate with people of other countries and enhances their understanding of their own language; the study of culture allows students to understand and appreciate other ways of life; the study of literary texts in world languages helps students develop critical thinking skills that will help them connect their own language and culture to that of others. The Department of World Languages seeks to foster these skills in all De Smet Jesuit students through the offering of Spanish, Chinese, and Latin courses of study.

  • Develop students’ verbal, written, and critical thinking skills in the target world language.
  • Broaden the students’ cultural, personal, and intellectual views.
  • Encourage students to make connections between their own and world languages, cultures, and peoples.
  • Promote the study of texts in the target language.
  • Utilize technology to facilitate student learning by diverse means.
  • Foster and increase student interest in world languages, cultures, and peoples.
  • Provide opportunities for studying world languages and cultures abroad.
  • Provide continuing world language study beyond the two-year requirement.