Our curriculum prepares young men for college.
Our education prepares them for life.

Our talented teachers maintain a rigorous, college preparatory learning environment for each student, while also sharing their passion and knowledge for courses that range from STEM classes like 3D printing and digital electronics and creative pursuits such as improv theatre and music production.

From Our Community

  • Class of 2023
Eric Byas

My favorite part of coming to De Smet Jesuit is getting an education that is going to make me college ready. 

  • Coach
  • Math Teacher
Adam Boehm

At De Smet Jesuit, caring for the individual person is a top priority. There are systems in place to make sure that faculty, staff, and students are growing in their faith as well as intellectually and academically. There are faculty days of recollection where we reflect so we can improve for later. And there are retreats like Kairos where students get to really  know themselves and grow in their faith.

  • Science Teacher
Dr. Mariette Baxendale

Our school is not cookie-cutter.  What works for one does not work for all, and each student comes with his unique gifts. In order to effectively reach them, we need to know our students in our classroom and meet them where they are. This speaks to our flexible academic placement as we get to know our students, we place them in courses that meet them where they are and help them reach where they need to be.

  • Mom to 2018 Graduate
Ann M.

De Smet Jesuit prepared our son for the independence and responsibility of going away to college. He needed an all-male setting. In the four years our son spent at De Smet Jesuit, we watched him grow into a very respectful, well-rounded young man. The relationships and bonds our son formed in high school truly are for life—a brotherhood he will have wherever he may be.

  • Class of 2019
Jake Angus

If you have a passion for business, De Smet is a great place to be. I was given the opportunity to manage the concessions stand and literature retail projects where I learned a lot about the concessions business such as setting margins and keeping an inventory. Personal finance taught me the fundamentals of how to properly manage my finances and the economics course was challenging and gave me enough knowledge to easily get an A in my first college economics course.

Academic Excellence

Every Student

In and beyond the classroom, our college preparatory academic program enables a wide variety of student to realize their God-given potential.


From flipped classes in math to a robust robotics program, our students enjoy ample STEM opportunities.

STEM Focus

Departments & Curriculum

Dive into each department and download our curriculum guide.

Departments & Curriculum

Pillars of Our Academic Program

College Prep

At our academic core, we are a college prep school. More than 98% of our students go on to four-year colleges—many of them with college credit already earned while in high school—and 77% of our seniors earn at least one scholarship.

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Our 8:30 a.m. start time was established for a reason. So was our modified 8-period block schedule. We want our students to be rested, healthy, and ready to enjoy the energy of a high school experience.

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