De Smet Jesuit inspires and prepares men for and with others to transform the world ad majorem Dei gloriam, for the greater glory of God.


How We Mission


Friendship and a sense of belonging are why boys choose De Smet Jesuit. With four years in the same daily homeroom, freshmen/senior mentoring programs, and yearly class retreats, students cite brotherhood as the most important part of their experience.

Seeking New Frontiers

Whether its backpacking the rugged route of our school’s namesake, touring through Europe’s culture and history, or serving on a mission trip, our global education program provides students opportunity and encouragement to seek the world and expand their boundaries.

A Habit of Service

Our students volunteer more than 26,000 hours each year. Freshmen work side-by-side on set days, sophomores run Special Olympics on our campus, juniors spend every Monday afternoon helping the disadvantaged, and seniors commit to serving 50 hours in the community.

1:1 Computing

As the first 1:1 Jesuit high school in St. Louis, we continue to adapt to the ever growing presence of technology in our lives. Students work daily on their laptops, collaborate on group projects, submit assignments online, and enter college with four years of hands-on computer experience.

Daily Reflection & Prayer

It’s that moment every afternoon when a stillness settles over our school. The noise quiets. The movement rests. The mind reflects. Silence. Intention. Following. Thanks. We call it the Examen.

Sophomore Interviews

In the middle of the high school experience, we pause. Each sophomore and his parents meet one-on-one with a teacher or counselor to reflect on the student’s journey so far, explore his future aspirations, and help him sharpen focus for his upperclassmen years.