Jesuit Tradition

De Smet Jesuit is one of 84 high schools owned and operated by the Society of Jesus (known as the Jesuits) which were founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola.

The Society of Jesus, or Jesuits, are a 500-year-old group of Catholic priests and brothers who were founded by Ignatius of Loyola. Their spirituality takes seriously God’s ability to speak to the individual in his or her heart. Because they seek to find (and serve) God in all things, they have a long-standing commitment to education, specifically the education of the whole person across all dimensions including the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. 

The Jesuit Apostolates of the United States are divided up into provinces governed by a provincial.  De Smet Jesuit is a part of the Central and Southern Province that includes Jesuit communities from Colorado to Texas to Florida and includes the communities of Belize and Puerto Rico. The large province provides opportunities for all these communities and apostolates to work together. 

The Jesuits first came to St. Louis nearly 200 years ago at the invitation of Bishop Louis DuBourg to bring their focus of education and service to the St. Louis community. They started off at Saint Louis University and now run communities at De Smet Jesuit, St. Mathew's parish in North St. Louis, the White House Retreat Center, Loyola Academy, and St. Louis University High School.  

De Smet Jesuit opened its doors in 1967 as the second Jesuit high school in the St. Louis area sharing the Jesuit tradition with more than 9,000 graduates who continue to strive to be men for and with others.

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Universal Apostolic Preferences

Reflections, resources, and inspiration on the four areas Jesuits have committed to emphasize for the next decade.Universal
Apostolic Preferences

Jesuit Network

De Smet Jesuit is part of a global network of Jesuit apostolates working for the greater glory of God.  The global network of Jesuit apostolates allows schools and communities to connect with each other around the world through organizations like Educate Magis.  De Smet Jesuit is also part of the Jesuit Secondary Network which works with the 84 Jesuit high schools and middle schools in the United States.  

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Jesuit Vocabulary

Definitions of common terms used by the Society of Jesus