Grad at Grad

"Your son will be more than just a better student. He will be a better man."

These words from Kevin Poelker '98, Principal and Theology teacher, capture the impact De Smet Jesuit has on its students. Upon graduation, our students embody the characteristics defined in the long-standing Jesuit Schools Network Profile of the Graduate at Graduation


De Smet Jesuit Students


A De Smet Jesuit student matures spiritually, develops his relationship with Jesus Christ, and experiences God’s love in everyday life. Learn more at Campus Ministry


A De Smet Jesuit student engages others with confidence, compassion, gratitude, and humility. Learn more at Student Life


A De Smet Jesuit student expands his perspective through service and contributes to the world as a man of virtue and action. Learn more about Service


A De Smet Jesuit student commits himself to academic excellence for advanced learning in college and beyond. Learn more about Academics


A De Smet Jesuit student thinks creatively and applies his knowledge toward the good of others and society. More on Fine Arts  More on STEM

De Smet Jesuit specializes in the formation of well-rounded young men.

Our mission is to inspire and prepare men for and with others to transform the world, Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (for the Greater Glory of God).

Jesuit Profile of the Graduate at Graduation

As a Jesuit high school, and a member of Jesuit Schools Network, we strive to graduate students who possess the desire and the personal resources to be men for others as detailed in the  Profile of the Graduate at Graduation.

This foundational document is used by Jesuit schools across the country to outline the five characteristics they hope their graduates will embody. At De Smet Jesuit, we use this roadmap to guide our work and have customized it along the way--adding a sixth characteristic, Developing as a Leader, to more accurately reflect the experience we provide.

Profile of the Graduate at Graduation