Answers to FAQs

What is it really like for new students coming into De Smet Jesuit?
Chris Williams, Assistant Principal for Academics

Day one for any student at any school can feel intimidating. We take several steps to reduce stress and ease concerns for all our students and families. For transfer students:

  1. Our homeroom provides an environment that is small, welcoming, and consistent each morning.
  2. Our teachers go above and beyond to connect with young men, and counselors check in on students to ensure transitions are smooth.
  3. Daily activity period provides regular breathing room for new students to meet with teachers or just hang out with classmates for a few minutes.
  4. Casual opportunities before and after school provide easy ways to socialize with laid back fun such as board game club on Fridays, relaxing in Emerson Lobby, ping pong pop-up games, gathering in Campus Ministry, and breakfast in the cafeteria.