This year we have reflected upon the 50-year history of our school, sharing memories from years past and expressing gratitude for what De Smet Jesuit has meant to so many.

We have been blessed by the contributions of many individuals these past 50 years, men and women who dedicated their professional careers to our community. This spring, we honored six men who have an impressive combined 226 years of service to De Smet Jesuit.

Their presence has been a gift; they have impacted generations of men for and with others, and, in many cases, generations within a family--inspiring both fathers and sons. We thank them for giving of their time and talent in service to our mission.

Some of our retirees reflected on their experience with Jack Windler '19 who shares their reflections below.

Ken Luecke (43 years)

Bob Schuchmann (37 years)

Frank Olmsted (34 years)

Paul Durham (36 years)

Jeff Wendling (33 years)

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