Community Conversations

As our city, and our country, continue to grapple with events involving highly personal and emotional issues involving racism, patriotism, freedom of speech and politics, we find ourselves coming back to our mission as a Jesuit institution with the mandate to care for each and every person in our community. The last several weeks have been especially difficult to navigate and like many school communities, we are engaged in ongoing discussions and educational programming with students and adults alike focused on issues of racism, public safety, social justice, equity and inclusion. To this effect, we have decided to continue the open discussion forums that we began in the aftermath of the Stockley verdict and will invite our students, faculty and staff to participate in discussions involving these and other issues affecting our community every Friday morning for the rest of the semester. It is our belief that coming together as a community and giving everyone a voice is an important step toward understanding and respecting each individual’s viewpoints and life experiences in order to show empathy, solidarity and move toward healing and hope.

Conversations will be held in the cafeteria from 8-8:30am and are open to ALL Students, Faculty, & Staff.

Dates & Tentative Topics

Friday, October 13: How do we come together when there are issues that divide us?

Friday, November 3: How does racism affect our school community?

Friday November 10: Male privilege… how do we change a culture of sexism?

Friday, November 17: Intersectionality… what does that mean and how does that affect me?

Friday, December 1: How can we support LGBTQ members of our community?

Friday, December 8: Featured speaker Mr. Pierre Benoit, Police Lieutenant for the City of St. Louis

Friday, December 15: How do we bridge a social class divide?