Brand Logos & Colors

Shield Wordmark

De Smet Jesuit Wordmark

Shield - Gold Outline

Des Jesuit shield with gold outline


De Smet Jesuit shield logo without gold outlie



Spartan Head Wordmark

De Smet Jesuit spartan wordmark logo


Spartan Head

De Smet Jesuit spartan head logo


Spartan Head - White Outline

De Smet Jesuit spartan head logo outlined in white



De Smet Jesuit Old English "D"

De Smet Jesuit Maroon D in script font

Spartan Head Decal


De Smet Jesuit Brand Identity Guidelines
First page of the PDF file: DeSmetJesuitLogoandBrandIdentityGuidelinesforWeb



Thank you for maintaining the integrity of De Smet Jesuit's brand. For assistance, contact:

Debbie Higgins

Titles: Director of Communications
Phone Numbers:
School: (314) 785-1268

Carrie Becher

Titles: Communications Manager