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To De Smet Jesuit High School

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Forming Men of Faith
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Spartans compete in 19 sports.

Teammates, sportsmanship, brotherhood.

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We nurture the bonds of brotherhood among students from day one.

De Smet Jesuit specializes in the formation of well-rounded young men.

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Pray Serve Engage

Guided by our Jesuit tradition, our program balances action and reflection, faith and reason, the worldly and the divine.

Crunching the Numbers

Can our family afford this school?

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Belonging & Brotherhood

Will my son fit in here?

From homeroom and clubs to sports and the classroom, your son will make friends and find a place where he belongs.

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Transfer Students Welcome Here

Is it too late to apply?

Looking for that missing something? Spartan Country welcomed a record number of transfer students in 2019-2020, and we'd love to meet you.

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Create Lead

Rich with opportunity, our program inspires multi-dimensional leaders eager to get involved and serve others.

  • 24
  • hours

average response time from teachers

  • Junior Service Program

students volunteer for an organization on a weekly basis

  • 130+
  • College credit hours offered

in 7 out of 8 departments. View our Curriculum Guide

  • 74%

of students participate in at least 1 sport

  • 98%
  • graduates

go on to college or military academies

  • >90%
  • Teachers also

serve as coaches, club moderators, trip coordinators


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Learn Seek

In and beyond the classroom, our program cultivates intellectual curiosity and experiential grit.

From Our Community

  • Science Teacher
Dr. Mariette Baxendale

Our school is not cookie-cutter.  What works for one does not work for all, and each student comes with his unique gifts. In order to effectively reach them, we need to know our students in our classroom and meet them where they are. This speaks to our flexible academic placement as we get to know our students, we place them in courses that meet them where they are and help them reach where they need to be.

  • Mom to 2018 Graduate
Ann M.

De Smet Jesuit prepared our son for the independence and responsibility of going away to college. He needed an all-male setting. In the four years our son spent at De Smet Jesuit, we watched him grow into a very respectful, well-rounded young man. The relationships and bonds our son formed in high school truly are for life—a brotherhood he will have wherever he may be.

  • Class of 2019
Jake Angus

If you have a passion for business, De Smet is a great place to be. I was given the opportunity to manage the concessions stand and literature retail projects where I learned a lot about the concessions business such as setting margins and keeping an inventory. Personal finance taught me the fundamentals of how to properly manage my finances and the economics course was challenging and gave me enough knowledge to easily get an A in my first college economics course.

  • Class of 1976
Bud Schreiber, Senior VP at Brown Brothers Harriman

Aside from family, I feel that my four-year experience at De Smet Jesuit served to solidify my value system and my relationship with God and others in my life.  Any chance I have to talk about my Jesuit education and how it has helped form who I am is a chance I cannot turn down.  To talk about it with fellow future alumni - priceless.  Giving back is part of “Men for Others” and the chance to give back to my high school, even in this small way, was very enriching for me.  I welcome the opportunity to help the seniors I met in the future in any way I can.  Hopefully, the NYC trip will happen again next year and I will be part of it.  Thanks again!

  • Class of 2020
  • Italy 2019
Jacob Alu

The trip to Italy had a great impact on me. I was able to appreciate the world we live in better, and it was cool to see some of the stuff I read in my history classes. I learned that I like to visit history sites, and I learned a lot about the Italian culture, what they did, and what they ate.