Hockey team and students celebrating Challenge Cup
Challenge Cup Champions - by Jason Schoenig

Hockey Spartans win their 15th Challenge Cup 2-1 in OT over SLUH

crowd of students with arms around each other, many wearing pink
Painting it Pink

Jesuits vs. Cancer game raises $2300!

De Smet Jesuit specializes in the formation of well-rounded young men.

From Our Community

  • Class of 2023
Danny Grisham

I chose De Smet because of the unique brotherhood and the opportunity to develop special relationships with classmates and teachers.

  • Class of 2005
  • Director of Educational Technology
Ryan Sextro

De Smet Jesuit gives our boys a framework in which to explore their academic, social, and spiritual lives in a supportive, loving environment. We nurture our students’ minds, hearts and souls.

  • Director of Special Events
Becky Lane

As a parent of five Spartans, I cannot speak highly enough of De Smet Jesuit and the formation of young men. Our sons each had unique experiences that could have only taken place in a community such as De Smet Jesuit, where each young man is encouraged. 

  • President
Fr. Ronny O'Dwyer, S.J.

At a Catholic high school we rehearse the attitudes and actions that mark our lives as Christians. And when we get to do this noble work at a place like De Smet Jesuit, we begin to discover that following Jesus can be quite fun!

  • Class of 2023
Ethan Weishaar

De Smet felt at home when I came in as a freshman. I enjoy the balance between academic time and sports and activities. We make time to learn, but we have our study halls and activity periods to balance everything out. 

  • Parent
Rich LaBonté

My wife and I both attended public school, and so did our son Graham through 8th grade. For high school, he was looking for rigorous academics, sports, and a community that prioritized service over self, with teachers who were involved and caring. We found all of that and more at De Smet. Graham is engaged at school, excited about his classes, loves playing lacrosse, and is developing into the leader we always knew he would become.

  • Class of 2025
Justin Terry

I knew that I belonged at De Smet when I shadowed and saw the tight brotherhood and community that was present here.

  • Learning Consultant
Linda Doherty

Every one of us is on a different journey in our faith and relationship with God. De Smet Jesuit acknowledges these differences with faculty, staff, and students.

  • Spanish Teacher
Susana Zahn

We have a special learning community at De Smet Jesuit in that we do not look at students as a number or a body that fills a classroom seat. We recognize the whole person of the student.

  • Coach
  • Math Teacher
Adam Boehm

At De Smet Jesuit, caring for the individual person is a top priority. There are systems in place to make sure that faculty, staff, and students are growing in their faith as well as intellectually and academically. There are faculty days of recollection where we reflect so we can improve for later. And there are retreats like Kairos where students get to really  know themselves and grow in their faith.

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Pray Serve Engage

Guided by our Jesuit tradition, our program balances action and reflection, faith and reason, the worldly and the divine.

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Create Lead

Rich with opportunity, our program inspires multi-dimensional leaders eager to get involved and serve others.

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Belonging & Brotherhood

Will my son fit in here?

From homeroom and clubs to sports and the classroom, your son will make friends and find a place where he belongs.

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Transfer Students Welcome Here

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Looking for that missing something? Spartan Country has welcomed a record number of transfer students in recent years, and we'd love to meet you.

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Learn Seek

In and beyond the classroom, our program cultivates intellectual curiosity and experiential grit.

  • 24
  • hours

average response time from teachers

  • Junior Service Program

students volunteer for an organization on a weekly basis

  • 130+
  • College credit hours offered

in 7 out of 8 departments. View our Curriculum Guide

  • 74%

of students participate in at least 1 sport

  • 98%
  • graduates

go on to college or military academies

  • >90%
  • Teachers also

serve as coaches, club moderators, trip coordinators