Mission Week

Daily Information

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  • De Smet Jesuit Prayer Service: 8:15-9:15 in De Smet Jesuit Gym

  • Shinny Hockey Tournament "Play-in" Games in cafe after school.

  • After School: Presentation "Negro League Baseball: The Jewel of the Black Community."
    • Film: There Was Always Sun Shining Someplace
    • Speakers: Steve Pona - Founder of the St. Louis Baseball Historical Society and Rober Webb - Son of Negro League Player "Tweed" Webb
    • Library 3-5:30


  • Dress Down Theme: "Squad Day."
    • $2 to dress down (pay in HR), regardless of whether you are in theme or just dressed down.
    • "Squad Day" basically means you and a friend(s) can make your own theme. Maybe you both come dressed as Denver Broncos. Maybe he's Batman and you're Ant Man. Maybe you and some friends wear 100% flannel outfits. Get creative.
    • Students dressing in theme and dressing down both need to adhere to normal rules of ethics, appropriate wardrobe. Not hats or sandals.

  • Special Lunch: Chick-Fil-A

  • Free Period Activities:
    • Mothers' Club Bake Sale (In cafe)
    • Tournaments (click Tournament Info below for schedules, locations, etc)
    • Shaving of Teachers' beards and / or heads in lobby for donations.
    • Rubix Cube Competition (Can anyone take down Mr. Likos?). BYO Cube.
    • Carnival Games (Extreme Jenga, Bottle Toss, Dart Throw, et al) in lobby.
    • 50-50 Raffle Sales throughout free period.


  • Dress Down Theme: "Spirit Day." In honor of our Semi-final Hockey game, we are having a Spirit day on Thursday. $2 to dress down (pay in HR), but let's wear all of the hockey apparel we have. Let's go Spartans!

  • Special Lunch: Lions Choice Sandwiches.

  • Gym Activity: Semis and Finals of Shinny Tourney and Spike Ball Tourney

  • Free Period Activities:
    • Mothers' Club Bake Sale (In cafe) while supplies last.
    • Table Tennis Tourney (In weight room)
    • Carnival Games in lobby
    • Pie-throwing at teachers in lobby
    • 50/50 Rock-Paper-Scissors (in gym)
    • Ice T-shirt throw down (lobby)
    • 50-50 Raffle Sales throughout free period.

  • After School Event(s):
    • Ultimate Frisbee Tourney (on stadium turf)
    • State Hockey Semi-finals v. SLUH
    • Opening Night of Spamalot!


  • Dress Down Theme: "Hero Day" Come dressed as your favorite super hero (no masks, please) or wear your Justice League-themed Mission Week T-shirts. $2.00 to dress down. Pay in HR.
  • Special Lunch: Papa John's Pizza. $2.00 a slice; $12.00 for a whole pie.
  • Gym Activity: De Smet Jesuit Alumni v. Class of 2016 Basketball Game
  • Free Period Activities:
    • Mothers' Club Bake Sale (In Emerson Lobby)
    • Egg Russian Roulette (in Emerson Lobby)
    • 1/2 Court shot contest during halftime of gym event.
    • Closest to the Pin Challenge (outside on turf)
    • Tournament Final Rounds (see Tournament Info below)
    • 50-50 Raffle Sales throughout free period.
    • After school Event: Spamalot!

Saturday / Sunday

  • Semi-Final Hockey Game v. SLUH: Saturday Night
  • Spamalot Closing Performance: Saturday Night

Justice Resources

Proceeds from Mission Week ’16 will be donated to:

Amigos for Christ

“Amigos is a nonprofit organization that facilitates water, health, education, and economic development in rural Nicaraguan communities. They serve God by providing opportunities for missionaries and impoverished families to grow through life-changing experiences.”De Smet has long been a supporter of Amigos for Christ, who work to develop the infrastructure of rural Nicaragua, while also cultivating faith, spirituality, and a love of Jesus Christ. We have raised money to donate to their cause, to purchase food for the people they serve, and to dedicate our time through numerous service trips during Spring Break and the summer.

Jesuit Missions in Belize (Peter Claver Parish)

“The parish’s priority goals in implementing this mission include: to build lively Small Christian Communities, aware of and contributing to the larger whole of the parish; to empower its people and increase their self-reliance; to increase trust, cooperation and shared decision-making between the church leadership and the people; and to counter the growth of the evangelical churches in the Toledo District by increasing its own missioning efforts.

De Smet has a long standing relationship with the Missions in Belize. For years, students have spent a week of their lives – in either the Spring or the Summer – working alongside natives from Belize. A co-member (with De Smet Jesuit) of the Central and Southren Province of the Society of Jesus, Belize and the Jesuit Missions there have always been supremely grateful for all the help that our mission collections and Mission Week provides.

St. Matthew the Apostle Parish

“Inspired by the graces of that Sunday morning celebration with its lively Gospel music and sincere human warmth, we go to work rebuilding this church and this neighborhood.”

De Smet Jesuit and St. Matthew the Apostle’s relationship dates back decades. Their youth have attended Christmas on Campus for over 15 years; our students have raised $ and donated canned goods, candy and coats through various drives. Our students serve there during the Ascent retreat and often during Senior projects as well.

Ignatian Spirituality Network / Alta Gracia Fair Trade Apparel

"Alta Gracia pay their workers more than 3 times the minimum wage for apparel workers in the Dominican Republic. In addition to this salary, the company respects its employees’ rights as workers and as human beings, including the right of a safe and healthy workplace, the right to be treated with dignity and respect on the job, and the right to form a union."

This year's Mission Week T-shirts have been purchased from Alta Gracia, in conjuction with the ISN and Ethixmerch. De Smet Jesuit hopes to support companies who have committed to promoting and prioritizing justice over the "bottom line."

Tournament Info

Updated Brackets for all Tourneys will be posted / updated below. Check back often!

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Spike Ball Tourney

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