Senior StuGo Leaders Begin Planning for a Great Year

Senior StuGo Leaders Begin Planning for a Great Year
Senior StuGo Leaders Begin Planning for a Great Year
Debbie Higgins

Senior StuGo leaders participated in a planning retreat and scavenger hunt recently.

Senior student government (StuGo) leaders Nick Thorpe (president), Anthony Martin (vice president), Jack Hood (secretary), Colin Brown, Will Brown, Kendall Fields, Justin Kilbreath, Joe Lane, Will Martin, Steven Randazzo and Kevin Wahle participated in a retreat on July 11 to set goals for the coming year, reflect on their mission as an organization, and complete team building exercises that included a scavenger hunt and "defeating" an escape room. "As seniors, this team sets the tone for StuGo," said Mike Russo, Director of Student Activities. "This retreat provided an opportunity for them to reflect on what they hope to achieve and then spend time learning how to work well together."

Nick Thorpe added, "As a StuGo team, we wish to embrace the experience of challenging others to get out of their comfort zone and try new things. As president, I want to give everyone a voice and put forth the ideas of my peers."

Following much discussion and brainstorming, the students authored the following StuGo mission statement:

De Smet Jesuit High School Student Government cultivates an active and supportive brotherhood community through serving as a kind and approachable team that empowers and catalyzes student ideas while embracing the experience of every member of the community.

In the afternoon, a scavenger hunt took students from De Smet, to St. Charles, to downtown St. Louis. The clues led to places that symbolized the history of our school (Fr. De Smet's portrait), looking to the future (statue of Lewis and Clark) and spirituality (Old Cathedral). The teams concluded the hunt by meeting under the Arch, which was intentionally selected as the perfect spot to reunite the group. "The Arch represents our past, but encourages us to be forward-thinking, and each individual piece is essential to supporting the entire structure. There is no better representation of a team," Mr. Russo explained.

Students finished their day by conquering an escape room with an impressive 16 minutes to spare.

"Seeing the energy and enthusiasm that the guys are already bringing is fantastic. They are setting the tone for a positive and empowering school year," added Bridget Bowers, English teacher and StuGo adviser.