Dress Code Information

Dress Code Information
Dress Code Information
Kevin Poelker

As you go back to school shopping, here is some info about Dress Code

The purpose of the dress code to help create an academic and professional atmosphere. Students are to be neat and clean in their person and dress. Students must be in dress code before entering the school building and remain in dress code until dismissal. The expected school attire is a collared shirt with dress pants, a belt, socks, and shoes.


Students must wear clean and presentable dress shoes. Shoes with laces must be laced properly. Shoes must be closed toe and have a heel.

Sweatshirts and Sweaters

Over a collared shirt, students may wear neat and presentable sweaters, sweater vests, or quarter-zips. Sweaters and quarter-zips should have a De Smet Jesuit logo or no logo at all. Non-hooded sweatshirts are allowed but must be De Smet Jesuit sweatshirts. Hooded sweatshirts (hoodies) are not allowed. This includes De Smet Jesuit hoodies.

Warm Weather Dress Code

During August, September, and May, students may wear a collared shirt, dress shorts (no cargo shorts), belt and athletic shoes with socks. Students who are not dressed in warm weather attire must be in regular dress code.