Learning Center

De Smet Jesuit has two full-time learning consultants in the Learning Center, Mrs. Linda Doherty and Mr. Dave Stewart, who work with students, families and teachers to ensure each student with needs is receiving all of the benefits of the De Smet Jesuit high school experience.

For students who have been diagnosed with a learning disability, Mrs. Doherty and Mr. Stewart collaborate with the St. Louis Special School District to create individualized education plans for these students, and they work with teachers to see that these students get the necessary accommodations. This may be more time to take a test, how a test is issued (written or oral), or where the student sits in a classroom. Many of these accommodations are already built in at De Smet Jesuit, for example, using multisensory in teaching.

After the regular school day, Ms. Doherty’s and Mr. Stewart’s doors are open for a variety of individual needs. It may be dispensing prescribed meds for some students, or working one-on-one with students who are encountering a challenge.

In preparations for semester finals, they run mini workshops for students interested in developing better study/time management and note-taking skills. They also select a small number of students to participate in the STARS program, focusing on Social Empowerment Training for Adolescents with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.