College Counseling

The College Guidance Program provides a four-year program of career and educational information and guidance.

Freshmen receive an introduction on Orientation Day to the type of program offered by a college preparatory high school and to the kind of work habits, involvement, and attitude they will need to make full use of that program. In the fall they will take the Explore Standardized Test by ACT.

Sophomores take the Preliminary ACT (PLAN) in the fall. Those who wish may take the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test in the fall, as a preparation for the junior PSAT, in which they compete for National Merit Scholarships.

In junior year, a more concentrated approach to college preparation and selection begins. The College Counselor visits junior English classes during the year to present basic information and helpful materials. Juniors take the appropriate tests (PSAT, SAT, ACT) as advised by the counseling department, relative to the needs of college admissions. Other activities include the Alumni-Student Mentorship Program throughout the school year at De Smet Jesuit, a Financial Aid Workshop for parents, the West County Private High School College Fair, and the All-Metro College Day attended by 300 colleges and universities. In January, the College Counselor begins individual interviews to lay a foundation for the college choice decision in senior year. Summer conferences with the College Counselor are an optional part of the program available to students and their parents.

Seniors need to explore actively their goals in view of graduation. The senior should make an early appointment with the College Counselor in order to review grades, test scores, and establish realistic plans for application to colleges.

Family Connection

Family Connection from Naviance is a web-based service designed especially for students and parents. Family Connection is a comprehensive website used to help make decisions about courses, colleges and careers. Family Connection is linked with Counselor's Office, a service De Smet Jesuit uses to track and analyze data about college and career plans. Family Connection allows you and your child to get involved in the planning and advising process; research colleges; compare GPA, standardized test scores and other statistics to historical data from our school for students who have applied and have been admitted in the past. Family Connection also lets us share information about local scholarship opportunities and other web resources for college and career information. To visit De Smet Jesuit's Family Connection site, click here.

College Representatives

Each year about 100 college reps visit De Smet Jesuit. The days they will be here are noted on the senior bulletin board and in the announcements. A senior who wishes to talk to a school rep must sign up on the sheet outside the Counseling Center at least one day before the rep's visit. He will be sent a form during homeroom period on the day of the meeting confirming his appointment with the rep.

Alumni Mentor Program

The Reverend Richard L. Bailey, S.J. Alumni Mentor Program is a collaborative effort between the De Smet Jesuit Alumni Association and the counseling department, and focuses on providing interested students with access to De Smet Jesuit alumni who have careers in areas of high interest. The goal of the mentor program is to provide current students with a unique opportunity to be mentored by De Smet Jesuit alumni with experiences in a variety of career paths. The students meet with alumni approximately six times per semester. Each meeting matches alumni from a particular profession with those students interested in that field. The mentors will discuss the work that they do and how they arrived at their chosen field, and will provide time for students to ask questions.

Upcoming College Visits

Monday, Sept. 25

Period 5, 8:45 – SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY, Carbondale

Tuesday, Sept. 26:

Period 4, 12:50 PM – QUINCY UNIVERSITY

Wednesday, Sept. 27:


Thursday, Sept. 28:

Period 3, 8:45 AM – MONMOUTH COLLEGE, Illinois

Friday, Sept. 29